(Made for Ludum Dare 45, themed around "Start with nothing")


Penniless soldier is the story of Joe, a soldier, sent on perilous missions...

By the worst department of the army.

Due to budget restrictions, Joe's mission control cannot even afford to give him an uniform.
As such, the brave soldier must find his way to victory against hordes of enemies, starting with only his powerful body.

Penniless soldier is a top down action game.

Despite being able to somewhat sneak around, the core of the gameplay is to bash through the enemies, while trying to complete the current objective.

Joe can move around, punch his enemies, and dash through them. While navigating the levels, he can come across knives, that can be thrown against enemies, or grenades, which destroy foes in a certain radius.

Controls :

WASD to move.

Left Click to punch.

Right Click to dash.

Q to throw a knife.

E to throw a grenade.

Credits :

Meoanar -Programming/Level Design/Management

Aozo - Additionnal Programming/VFX/Original idea

Ephrem - Sprites/Animation

Océane - Background art/Cover Art

Dr Umbrus - Music/Sound design

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